About Us

Why the name eLearning society?

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are at the heart of eLearning. After the learner, they are the key stakeholder behind any training project. We are focused on developing a Community of Practice, to become the number 1 partner for eLearning content design studio for adult learning.

~Technology will not replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, technology can be transformational ~ George Couros

Who we are

We are a for profit, social enterprise. A team of learning creatives, with an impact mindset. In as much as we are savvy in media and technology, our learners are central to our content development process. It is very important for us that learners are impacted by what we deliver!

Our journey began in 2019 shortly before the pandemic hit the world and changed the way we learn. The amount of work we’ve managed to do since then has catapulted us into a leadership position in the industry, we love how fast paced we have become!

Apart from Subject Matter Experts, we serve clients from the East African region, which includes Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Corporates, Small & Medium Sized Enterprises and Universities. We also cater for the needs of Libraries, Colleges, Polytechnics and other Adult Learning Institutions.

If you choose to work with us we promise you 3 things, we’ll approach each project with an open mind, unwavering determination to find root causes to the solutions that we prescribe and high quality output with a high degree of collaborativeness and flexibility.

Our Learning Ecosystem

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