Taking your training online?

For training consultants, organizations and corporate executives who would like to share knowledge

Why eLearning Society

Instructional Design

Creating an online course is a bit different from face-to-face training. We’ll guide you through the process of taking your off-line training, online. We’ll share ideas on how to wow your clients with the best of what eLearning has to offer. We are open to do blended or fully online courses.

Tech Work

Let us handle all the work behind the scenes and help you wow your clients. We’ll curate eLearning courses at zero upfront cost to you. For both academic and professional development courses.

Community of Learners

We’ll provide you with a web page that showcases all your work, that is, your courses, blog posts and articles, academic papers etc. The more you are able to focus on the subject area you are passionate about, the easier it will be for you to build your brand and a vibrant community of learners and become a subject matter expert.

How it Works

Needs Analysis

Understanding what your client needs is important. This will help us share the knowledge that we have to help you communicate the learning objectives easily and impactfully. You could choose to include us in your client meetings or share a detailed brief of what your clients’ require.

Course Design

As a subject matter expert we will heavily depend on you to do most of the work here. We will guide you on how to design the to make it ready for recording and make it digestible for online consumption (pun intended). If this is done well then the rest is easy, even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before.

Now, let’s make you shine!

So, we’ve prepared all the ingredients, and it is time to cook. Our production team will work closely with you to come up with a visually attractive course to wow your client and keep learners engaged. The next step will be editing, this is where we’ll remove all the bleeps and blunders that were recorded. We’ll collaboratively work with you and host the content after you have okayed.

Course Launch and Hosting

While preparing your course with us, we’ll ensure that you always keep your clients needs and audience as the focal point of the work we do together. We’ll ensure seamless access to your course and all payment systems are in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach on eLearning Society?

Organizations who would like their managers or star performers to train their colleagues on any topic. Training consultants from all professional fields, executives who are employed within organizations and are leading their peers in the profession they are in. Institutions such as schools or universities who would like to take their courses online.

How much do I have to pay to record content?

We’ll charge organisations and institutions to develop courses. For training consultants, we’ll agree on a revenue split before we begin our engagement with you. At no initial cost, we will build the course collaboratively, record and host it. After learners buy the course, we split the revenue.

Which subject areas should I focus on?

eLearning Society welcomes professionals from all fields and backgrounds to come and record courses with us. We are focused on exploring new ideas and we’re excited to develop new fields of work and study.

How will I make money?

Before we record the course, we will be keen to ensure that you start with the end in mind. Ensure that you build the course with a defined group of learners in mind. The earnings from the course will be communicated to you immediately when a purchase is made, and earnings will be disbursed to you equivalent to the number of licenses that have been bought and subject to our split agreement.

Are You Ready

Get intouch, we respond to all our emails, whatsapp, text messages, social media interactions and DMs. We answer when you call and get back to you when we miss your call. We’ll be happy to hear from you, share ideas or even just call to say hello!