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Instructional Design

We begin with a thorough performance mapping exercise to ensure that the content we design will result in an impactful digital training experience.

A community of practice

More like…a Rockstar Community!
We are able to engage local and international experts to deliver digital training with the most current, scientific, relevant and impactful content.

Learning technologies

We’ll assess your training needs, present the different options available, and deploy cutting edge learning technology to fasten time-to-launch digital training programs.

Offline to Online training

Let us make your course more visible, measurable and with a greater impact.

“Technology will not replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, technology can be transformational”😁 ~ George Couros

Content features.
Sugar, spice and everything nice…

Learners love stories

We build eLearning courses around storytelling to ensure high retention rates and to make courses easy to remember.

“Learning that stems from a well told story, is remembered more accurately and far much longer than learning that is built around facts and figures.” ~ Psychologist Peg Neuhauser for the Harvard Business Review.

Challenge your learners

Presenting learners with a challenge/scenario and asking them to make decisions and provide solutions from different options and take the scenario forward by branching into other scenarios based on the decisions that the learner makes. A strong storytelling foundation enhances this technique. Scenarios/Branching simulations unfolds the learning journey based on the learners decisions, making the learning experiential and engaging

Make it rewarding

We use gamelike mechanics and elements to make learning more impactful, engaging, fun and interactive in our courses and in the design of our learning management systems. When designing courses, games facilitate learners to apply what they have learnt. Learning management systems with gaming elements keep the learner engaged and always thinking about finishing the courses either to be #1 on the leaderboards or earn badges and other similar mechanics

Apply the knowledge

A case is a story that presents a challenge on actual, real life situations that have occurred in other organizations. They help learners relate to the subject matter, people and organizations in the Case. They feature facts, stats and first person accounts that are supported by reliable sources. Instructors use case studies as tools to inspire discussion and bring out the learning in a certain field or topic. Beyond designing our own case studies, we use other case studies in our digital and ILT training content.

Experience is the best teacher

Through learning by doing, learners participate actively in the learning process other than watching a video or scheming through an article. This makes the eLearning course more interactive, immersive and empowering for learners. This approach expands the knowledge base, problem solving and investigation skills of learners. A real world, work related problem is at the heart of every eLearning project-based experience. Learners also get to share knowledge and feedback with their peers in a collaborative group setting. This approach focuses on the path leading to the solution and avoids having instructors give the solution to the learners.

Two heads are better than one

Discussions enable learner-to-learner interaction and instructor-to-learner interaction. It allows learners to ask questions that their peers can answer and share their thoughts, knowledge and ideas during sessions in a blended learning course.

Interactive content

These are questions that pop-up in the middle of a video or eLearning presentation to gauge the ‘’pulse’’ of your learner in their eLearning journey. Knowledge checks are best when they are “informal” because they are usually not graded but they are tracked. eLearning course designers use knowledge checks mostly in corporate training to get immediate feedback and confirmation of knowledge transfer.

Did they understand?

These are typically referred to as Exams or Examinations. They are a way for eLearning designers to formally assess, in measurable terms, a person’s knowledge, skills and attitudes. Instructors are able to determine how much a learner has understood course content. Learners are also able to track their learning progress and knowledge of the topic they are learning.

Corporate case center

Our stories preserve us. We give them to one another. They have value. ~ Julianna Baggot

Case study methodology is an impactful and effective method of teaching and learning. Writing case studies that build the learner’s curiosity and teach at the same time is both an art and a science. Through our learning ecosystem, the goal of our case centre is to deliver immersive, strong dramatic cases using multimedia approaches to enhance learning. Do you have a case idea? Would you like to teach using cases?

Our Process:
Good things take time, trust the process!

  • Step 1

    Understanding the performance challenge

  • Step 2

    Determining the need for training

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Let’s build the course

  • Step 4

    Ready. Set. Launch

    Step 4

  • Step 5

    Understanding learner behaviour

  • Step 6

    Did the training solution have an impact?

    Step 6

  • Step 7

    Success! Project close and recommendations for the future

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