Instructional Design

Supported by learning science
Digital Learning Content Curation

Digital Learning Content Curation

We’re storytellers at heart. Together, we’ll create engaging, impactful training. Starting with performance mapping, we tailor content to your needs, ensuring relevance and meaningful results.

Blended/Hybrid Learning Design

Blending vs. Hybrid Learning

Blended learning mixes traditional and online training, while Hybrid learning engages remote and in-person learners simultaneously. We tailor delivery for impact, leveraging our diverse expertise and technology for seamless experiences.

Blended Hybrid Learning Design
Employee Induction Onboarding

Employee Induction & Onboarding Experience

Empowering Newcomers

Efficient onboarding speeds up team member productivity. We assist in designing or enhancing your process.

  1. Instill role significance and organizational value
  2. Help in network building for personal and professional growth
  3. Provide early career support and illuminate pathways to success in their new environment.

Learning Content Localisation

Empowering Learning Across Languages

Diverse thoughts need diverse languages. With our expanding Community of Practice, we offer impactful training in 10+ languages, ensuring learners think, speak, and write comfortably.

eLearning bridges global training gaps, enhancing impact by training in local languages and respecting culture.

Learning Content Localisation
Product Training

Product Training

Boost Product Knowledge and Sales Impact.

From physical goods to software, for both local and international audiences, we specialize in product training.

Product Training
Enhance brand loyalty, customer understanding, and team expertise. Make every feature valuable, quickly. Empower your organization as a formidable sales force.

Engaging Videos
Stir interest in your new products and features. Our quality videos become marketing assets, adapting to evolving products.