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Understanding what your client needs is important. This will help us share the knowledge that we have to help you communicate the learning objectives easily and impactfully. You could choose to include us in your client meetings or share a detailed brief of what your clients’ require.


As a subject matter expert we will heavily depend on you to do most of the work here. We will guide you on how to design the to make it ready for recording and make it digestible for online consumption (pun intended). If this is done well then the rest is easy, even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before.


While preparing your course with us, we’ll ensure that you always keep your clients needs and audience as the focal point of the work we do together. We’ll ensure seamless access to your course and all payment systems are in place.


the cool stuff we can do for you

  • Needs Assessment

    refine your 5 W’s

    We help you refine/ understand your client/audience’s requirements through a thorough need’s assessment.

  • Course Design

    make your course stand out

    We help you select the best elements and activities to ensure your learners are completely engaged.

  • Video shoot and voiceover recording

    a picture speaks 1000 words

    We direct and shoot your faculty teaching to convert your bulky text content into interesting, accessible multimedia.

  • Course Hosting

    go global

    We help you get your course online by hosting it on our e-learning platform. We also configure your payment options to help you monetize your course.

  • Advertising

    lets go viral

    We increase your course’s visibility by integrating it with our e-learning’s online marketing options.

  • Course Launch

    introduce your course

    We help you plan the launch of your course online. We identify the best social platforms out there and help you build the initial hype around your course.


what our clients say

Elearning society helped us sensitize our staff on our company policies by converting them into interesting video snippets.

Our Philosophy

Our role is to help organisations focus on their success through developing learning solutions that make their goals achievable.We are focused on building a community amongst ourselves and around us that survives on new knowledge for growth in life, love and work.


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A message from the CEO

We are an eLearning content development company that is focused on building the largest community of teachers and learners in the region. We deliver fully online and/or blended Continuous Professional and Life Development training courses to learners in East Africa.

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