Step 4 - Identify associated knowledge

What do the learners need to know to apply the steps/guidelines or sub-steps/guidelines? These items are the associated knowledge elements of each step/guideline or each sub-step/guideline.
The task, steps/guidelines, sub-steps/guidelines and associated knowledge elements will form the course content.
If the instructor adds sub-steps/guidelines, then the associated knowledge elements will be for the sub-steps/guidelines and not for the steps/guidelines.

Step 5 - Titles and Sequencing

The outcome of sequencing is a course structure. 

The title of task, concept or skill can essentially be the course title and the steps/guidelines will be the topics discussed in the course. Topics are then broken down further into subtopics (sub-steps/guidelines) if necessary. Each topic or subtopic will have a separate video clip.

Be careful not to promise a specific measurable result in your titles. (i.e. timelines, monetary value etc.) This will create the perception of click-bait videos and reduce the perceived quality of your content.

Some Tips

  • The most successful courses hone in on one specific task, concept, or skill. This succinct and digestible format allows for focused and engaged learning. They also emphasize more why(s), over what(s). 
  • It’s best to keep your course focused on a specific subject that you know well and are confident about sharing. Specificity will differentiate your course from others on the platform and will keep it digestible.
  • Along with specificity, keep your course content snack-able. We recommend between 2-10 minutes of content for one step/guideline or sub-step/guideline. Recording the content may take longer, but edited versions should stick to the recommended period.

Step 6 – Develop support materials

ELearning differs from face-to-face training and requires specific formats. For self-paced eLearning in particular, material must be carefully designed and must embed adequate instructional support to allow learners to function independently throughout the course.