Community of Practice

More like…a Rockstar Community!

Our network of Subject Matter Experts is growing. Engaging local and international training talent, we deliver current, impactful digital training.

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Through our learning ecosystem, that is,

  • Digital Learning Experience Design
  • Community of Practice, and cutting edge
  • Learning Technologies

We are well-positioned to deliver a wholesome training experience.

Customised Blended or Hybrid Training

Instructor Led Training (ILT) is conducting in-person training with an instructor. Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) is delivering training in a virtual environment (such as Zoom) where the learner and instructor are in the same or (most of the time) different locations.

As working has become more remote, delivering our training through our learning ecosystem (button) we develop comprehensive training strategies to ensure that we implement impactful learning experiences in different genres, ie. Leadership & Management, Sales, Marketing, Data & Analytics Training, Compliance Training, Product Training etc.

Instructor Led Virtual Instructor

Learning policies and procedures from Government, Industry & Regulatory bodies can definitely be boring and monotonous. Through our Learner Ecosystem, we can design engaging, visually compelling and experiential compliance training using Training Features from our creative Instructional Design techniques.

We work to ensure that compliance training is aligned with your company’s culture, strategic goals and objectives. Ensures that your team members are sensitized to the importance of regulations, policies and procedures at a personal level.

Compliance Training